The Power of Public Perception

“In the land of marketing, ‘Public Perception’ is king”


Recent public opinion to certain brands and their messaging or profiling on social media platforms has been critical of the responsibility those brands have in influencing the audiences they communicate with. As a  Marketing & Communications agency, we are constantly aware of the impact and consequences of the narratives we create when working on campaigns for our clients, and it is this exact idea that a core focus on building reputations and positive perceptions for our customers depends highly on the ‘public perceptions’ we will create in the messaging on campaigns.



The process of developing strategies for the purpose of promoting a brand and its core values involves a necessary awareness to social issues and already existing public perceptions. The influence of a brands social position and reputation is vital to its economic value and central to all communication channels.


Opportunities that exist in making informed decisions about the use of ‘controversial marketing’ techniques to bring specific social and important issues to the fore as a promotional tool is risky, combined with the rising connectivity of audiences and their access to mass media platforms, the prospects of being able to maintain campaign narratives as well as respond to the influence created are largely dependent on contingencies imagined in the conceptualisation stage.


As a relatively small agency, we have the advantage of agility, with technological advances and data management systems gravitating towards a mechanical application of marketing strategies in providing statistical information to clients; Consensio Marketers adopts a more organic approach that combines the ‘brand purpose’ with a high value demand from targeted markets.


The Power of Public Perception is in the intentions of a brands core values, unique selling proposition and its communication to the chosen audience, a commitment to an accountability profile will also add value to any brands reputation.