Finding your own Brand Value Proposition

We were recently requested by a client to quote on a Social Media Campaign with their interests and objectives focused on creating awareness for a product they were currently exhibiting through various activations.


Their goals were quite simple and involved very rudimentary perspectives including industry narratives to attract customers. We saw this as an opportunity to expand on the ‘points of interest’ by bringing a few “unexplored” brand positions to light in the hope of creating a unique customer experience for their target market and allow for some growth as well.


This also included a complex model within which their ‘Brand Universe’ would be established and an ecosystem initiated to be able to motivate measurable data and also communicate some tracking systems to advise on the performance of their brand and product on the various campaigns we would then develop for them.


It was only when they realised our vision for THEIR product and identity that we began to understand something very important with the Digital Technologies industry; can never decide for your clients, no matter how “perfect” the design, model or execution is. We learnt that they only had R1000 budgeted for their online marketing and didn’t see the value in all the ‘metadata’ we wanted to collect or even believe that there was any need to build such a complex strategy for their social platforms.


Needless to say; we went back to the drawing-board and decided it would be better to be advised by their Brand Value Proposition and meet them halfway.


We will see how we can grow together to newer heights and possibly a mutually agreeable growth projection.