An #AfrikaShowBiz Value Narrative

It is not often that we find ourselves not able to respond to the inspiration we sometimes find ourselves immersed in. With over 10 years growing, finding and struggling together it is a proud moment when our visions are best seen in the hands and minds of AfrikaShowBiz, and it’s Managing ‘Visionary’ Mr Lefa Mokgatle.


Collaborative business partnerships are only really possible with an alignment of more than just practical corporate alignments; they become extremely valuable when they advise a Value System that influences more than the direct industry of expertise and operations. It has been a while since we have had the opportunity to challenge ourselves in a manner that physically exhausted us and exhilarated us at the same time! It is the constant awareness of the manual application to a loyalty programme built on trust and those core values that maintain inspiration and innovation.


Building long-lasting and mutually valuable brand relationships has become a core focus for Consensio Marketers and being able to be allowed to share our vision with our clients comes at times with the risk of going a bit further out of the proverbial box; yet within the strict brand values we started the decade-long relationship on.


Here’s to 10 more years challenging ourselves and charting true African Value Systems for a newer generation of creatives.


Thank you Lefa!